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Divorce and Objects with Emotional Value. It is common knowledge that, when two people are getting divorced, assets will be split. This includes both larger items (house, car, other property), liquid assets (bank accounts, retirement accounts), but also items that are more difficult to value. Items with “sentimental value” are considered those that don’t give an economic advantage, but instead they have value because of emotional attachment.

For instance, when considering the value of a record collection, and how to divide the records, Alabama courts have considered which party has the greatest attachment to a particular item. Although this can be difficult to determine, courts consider if one party has had the item in their possession, how old the item is, and any other testimony regarding the importance of the item.

Divorce and Objects with Emotional Value Conclusion: Because such items can be divided in a divorce, it is important not to forget about them when you are filling out forms associated with divorce, which require a listing of assets, as well as monthly expenses. The attorneys at Boles Holmes White, LLC are experienced with these and other family law matters.

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