Bankruptcy Fraud

Alabama Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney – Strong White Collar Defense Practice

In these tough financial times, many people are making the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy in order to achieve a fresh start. However, with this increase in bankruptcy filings, there has also been an increase in fraud allegations. If you have been accused by a creditor of committing fraud by trying to discharge your debts through bankruptcy, you need a skilled national fraud defense lawyer on your side to represent you and dispute these charges.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Boles Holmes White is here to help people nationwide who are facing charges of bankruptcy fraud. We have a national reputation for our strong white collar defense practice. Contact us immediately to schedule a confidential consultation if you have been arrested, charged or even believe you are suspected of committing any kind of fraud related to your bankruptcy filing.

If you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are seeking to discharge your debts, creditors are now inspecting these petitions to see if people have the means to pay these bills, but are instead trying to wiggle out of them using this legal option. If they feel this is happening, these creditors then complain to the U.S. attorney’s office that you are defrauding them by taking their money without making a good faith effort to pay it back. This can lead to other charges associated with your bankruptcy filing.

Our bankruptcy fraud attorneys are here to represent you inside and outside the courtroom. We understand that these kinds of allegations can severely damage your reputation and standing in the community, so we believe it is our job to help minimize the impact as well as any effect these allegations have on your criminal record. We have experience handling fraud cases in both state and federal court and we will work tirelessly to have the charges dismissed, reduced, or to obtain a not-guilty verdict if we do proceed to trial.

You should not be treated as a criminal for trying to assert the rights provided to you under the Bankruptcy Code. It is not a crime to file for bankruptcy — and this country does not have a debtor’s prison. Protect yourself by contacting us today and scheduling a confidential consultation with our white collar criminal defense lawyers. We are here to help you.

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