Estate Planning

Making the Alabama Law of Wills and Estates Work For You

The attorneys at Boles Holmes White LLC have years of experience helping clients meet their estate planning needs through expert trust and will drafting and personalized legal services. We know that a fill-in-the-blank standard form won’t always do the job for our clients, so we make sure we know exactly what our clients and how best to ensure those wishes are carried out. Estate planning requires a lawyer to determine the client’s family and financial goals, take an inventory of the client’s assets, and determine which elements the client’s estate plan should include.

Typically an estate plan will require several elements in order to fully give effect to the client’s intent. Even clients that have a trust will generally need a will to dispose of any property outside of that document. Some will require a combination of a will and a trust (called a testamentary trust) to meet their needs. In addition to the main testamentary document, most clients will want to add a power of attorney and a living will or health-care proxy. At Boles Holmes White LLC our Birmingham legal team can determine which estate plan best meets your needs.

If you are ready to start thinking about your estate plan, our team can help get you where you need to be.  Our attorneys will be happy to discuss your situation and review your options with you at every step. Contact our estate planning attorneys for a free consultation.

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