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Arrested for robbery in Birmingham? Does your arrest involve a gun crime? Your chances of going to Jefferson County Jail or an Alabama State Penitentiary will be significantly reduced with an experienced Birmingham burglary defense attorney on your side. At Boles Holmes White LLC, your attorney will have a team of dedicated legal professionals to assist in the defense of your rights and will be in consistent communication with you about the status of your case. The options you have—trial, plea bargain, defense strategies—will always be discussed with you in a straight-forward and clear manner. Most importantly, you will get a rigorous defense of your rights by an attorney at one of the nation’s leading criminal defense law firms. If you face charges of robbery in Birmingham or home invasion anywhere in Alabama, call (205) 502-2000 for the sophisticated and rigorous defense you would expect from a leader in criminal law. If you are convicted of such serious crimes as robbery, home invasion, or other theft crimes in Birmingham, Alabama prosecutors will pursue devastating penalties against you. Your freedom will be at stake. With the right robbery defense attorney on your side, you may be able to have your charges reduced or even dropped. Our Birmingham defense attorneys have assisted countless clients who face charges similar to yours. Though each case is unique, we will base our defense of your rights upon our history of success: we know what works in Alabama criminal defense. Contact us for the criminal defense lawyer you deserve against charges of robbery or home invasion in Birmingham. Don’t face the possibility of decades in prison and a permanent mark on your criminal record without a rigorous defense. Don’t face such penalties without one of the Alabama home invasion criminal lawyers at Boles Holmes White LLC protecting your freedom.  Birmingham police may have violated your rights. You may face accusations that cannot be supported. You may be in possession of stolen merchandise that you did not know was stolen. You may be suffering through a case of mistaken identity. You may be accused of being an accomplice in a robbery in which you had no part. Contact us immediately to get a lawyer fighting for your rights.

Alabama Home Invasion, Robbery, Theft Lawyers with Vast Legal Experience

For nearly five decades, Boles Holmes White LLC has been providing legal representation to people who face aggressive prosecutors and fierce law enforcement officers. Prosecutors are aggressive. Law enforcement officers are tough. When it comes to defending your rights, however, no one is tougher or more aggressive than the criminal defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White LLC.  We will defend your Constitutional rights against any opponent and no matter what criminal charges in Birmingham that you face: robbery, burglary, home invasion, high-value theft, armed robbery, shoplifting, and a host of other complex crimes that carry heavy penalties. You deserve to defend your freedom as aggressively as possible.  Call (205) 502-2000 to discuss your case with an experienced Birmingham burglary defense attorney.

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