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The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, hazardous waste laws, pollution regulations, and other restrictions create a minefield of bureaucracy that businesses and individuals must navigate.

You belong to an industry that handles material that is potentially harmful to the environment. You may be a manufacturer in Mississippi, an employee of a mining company in Tennessee, or an owner of a trucking company or landfill in Georgia. Whatever industry you are in and whatever state you are in, you have rights that must be defended if you have been accused of:

  • Business Fraud related to environmental law documents
  • Illegal dumping
  • Improper storage of hazardous material
  • Unsafe disposal of toxic waste
  • Water pollution

Contact Boles Holmes White for a rigorous and sophisticated defense. We have a long history of defending individuals and corporations in some of the most financially significant and complex cases in the nation. Your case will get all of the benefits of this experience. We are prepared to defend you in virtually every environmental law case, white collar criminal defense case, federal law, or state criminal case possible. We are here to help you no matter the charges you face.

An experienced law firm with a deep understanding of complex environmental law

You may be facing state, federal, and even international charges that are complex and carry major fines, restitution to alleged victims, and even prison time.

Our environmental crime defense attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to defend you in such complex cases. Wherever you are in the country and whatever the complexity of your environmental law case may be, we will use the full weight of our resources to defend your rights.

The government will pursue you relentlessly; we will defend you even more rigorously.

At Boles Holmes White we know that your environmental law case involves high stakes. Your livelihood, reputation, and even your freedom may be on the line. The government will investigate and prosecute you with vigilance. We will be even more tenacious in your defense. We will launch our own exhaustive investigation, employ renowned experts, and use all of our resources to defend you against charges of pollution, illegal toxic waste disposal, and environmental damage.

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