Birmingham Arson Defense Lawyers; Jackson, Nashville and all the U.S.

Aggressive and accomplished arson defense by Boles Holmes White.

From Mississippi to Minnesota and New York to California—anywhere in the nation—we have the resources and the skill to defend your rights when you have been accused of arson. If you are being investigated, have been arrested, or believe you will be Contact Boles Holmes White.

If you witnessed an arson fire and have been called on to testify, you may need Witness Representation.

If you are a suspect in an arson fire, contact a knowledgeable arson defense attorney before you speak with law enforcement officials. If you have already been in contact with police, it’s not too late to protect your rights but you must obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

An experienced law firm for complicated arson cases.

Expensive structures may be damaged, individuals may be injured or killed, and firefighters and police officers may be harmed. These intricacies may lead to intrusive criminal investigations and, potentially, complex trials. Furthermore, accusations of arson are often related to

  • Bribery and Blackmail
  • Insurance Fraud
  • RICO
  • Wire Fraud
  • Mail Fraud

Boles Holmes White is thoroughly experienced in all of the above areas of law and we have a long history of defending arson suspects. Additionally, we have a record of success in the most complicated and high stakes cases. Whatever charges you are facing and wherever you are facing them in the nation, contact Boles Holmes White. Our strength is national.

Going to trial for an arson charge is an option, but…

We have the resources to, perhaps, get arson charges dropped or stop a criminal investigation before charges are even filed. If your case does go to trial, you can be confident that our experienced Birmingham arson defense lawyers and legal team will put our full resources into defending your rights. With the legal resources of Boles Holmes White at your side, your rights are a priority. Though we can help if you have already been charged or even convicted, the sooner we can speak with you the sooner we can begin aggressively defending you.

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