Ponzi Schemes

Birmingham White Collar Crime Lawyers: Ponzi Scheme, Selling Unregistered Securities Defense

In the wake of Bernie Madoff, Trevor Cook, and Tom Petters, the Ponzi scheme is now a familiar term in many people’s vocabularies. However, the truth is Ponzi schemes are complex matters that often involve many different people and many different levels. If you are being investigated or have been charged with operating a Ponzi scheme or selling unregistered securities, you need skilled criminal defense counsel to protect your freedom, your interests, and your reputation.

At Boles Holmes White , our law firm is well-equipped to handle any charges involving allegations related to Ponzi schemes and the sale of unregistered securities. Very often, these cases maintain a high-profile status because millions of dollars are involved and many people are affected. Contact our Birmingham white collar crime lawyers today to discuss how we can help shield you from scrutiny and work to protect your rights.

We are currently handling cases involving Ponzi schemes because of the success we have had in the past defending people in similar situations. We have experience defending brokers and other investment professionals. We understand that in situations where people are accused of borrowing money from one person in order to invest and repay someone else whose money had been invested with them, there may be a lot of gray areas and legal complexities.

Our national fraud defense attorneys know how to structure a strong defense that can explain these ambiguities and effectively challenge flawed evidence being used by the prosecution. Additionally, we will work to shield you from media attacks and campaigns to ruin your reputation. We believe in having a strong defense prepared for attacks on all fronts.

We practice in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Contact Us if you have been indicted, arrested, subpoenaed, contacted by authorities, or even suspect you are under investigation for a charge related to the operation of a Ponzi scheme.

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