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If you face charges of fraud or insider trading, contact Birmingham’s Boles Holmes White.

With decades of experience defending clients accused of white collar crimes in high stakes cases, including corporate fraud and Embezzlement, Boles Holmes White are more than qualified to defend you. In fact, firm members helped defend HealthSouth’s Richard Scrushy in one of the largest fraud cases in United States’ history and the first to be tried under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The result? In 2005, Scrushy was acquitted of all charges in the $2.7 billion fraud case.

Whether or not your case is as complex or as high stakes as that one, we will dedicate all of our vast resources to defending your rights and seeking the best possible outcome for you. With experience in all areas of white collar criminal defense including Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion, Securities Fraud, and Wire Fraud, we have the background needed to successfully defend you in your business fraud case.

The government obsessively investigates charges of insider trading and business fraud.

As a result of scandals like Enron, HealthSouth, and Tyco, the government has become even more aggressive in their tactics. When investigating fraud, insider trading, and other corporate crimes, your entire life may come under scrutiny by invasive investigators. The government has vast resources and manpower to pursue charges against you.

If you are being investigated for business fraud or embezzlement you need a law firm with the power to compete on your behalf. Your economic health and freedom may depend upon it. Contact Boles Holmes White; we can defend your rights, your wealth, and your freedom.

If you have been convicted of business fraud, corporate theft, or insider trading, we can still help.

Our business fraud attorneys at Boles Holmes White have a history of successfully appealing business fraud convictions. If we are unable to get your conviction overturned, we may be able to get your sentence reduced as we have with many other clients: community service rather than prison, or a donation to charity rather than fines paid to the federal government. We will fight for you no matter the complexity of your case or the resources the government may use against you. We have vast resources for your defense.

We will aggressively fight to get your charges dropped before a trial. If a trial is necessary, we will rigorously fight for your possible acquittal. If you have already been convicted of theft, corporate fraud, embezzlement or insider trading, we can re-investigate your case and work to potentially secure your freedom from economic punishment or prison time. Contact Boles Holmes White for your white collar criminal defense.

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