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Boles Holmes White : A law firm accustomed to the spotlight.

Boles Holmes White success through the years has garnered its attorneys national and international attention. Our high profile attorneys are well equipped to represent those charged in cases covered by the media such as celebrities, athletes, politicians, business executives, or everyday citizens unwittingly thrown into the public arena due to a public criminal investigation.

We also represented the CEO of Gizmondo in the high profile trial in Los Angeles, California over the crash of a Ferrari Enzo on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. This case also received international attention and coverage from Sweden to England to most papers in the United States. Our representation of a Texas politician was covered in the Dallas Morning News. Our high profile attorneys also appeared regularly in the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press during our representation of the “Hip Hop” Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The year- long state “Bingo” trials received nightly television coverage, and our high profile attorneys were interviewed regularly after each day of trial. Our high profile attorneys have even appeared on the NBC nightly news in conjunction with their representation of a company official in a Congressional investigation into a nationwide salmonella outbreak.

We have the experience dealing with the media that is necessary in representing those that will be judged in the court of public opinion due to the media coverage. We regularly work with public relations and crisis management professionals to get the truth out about our client, and combat any media or public bias created by the prosecution.

Our experience and success with high profile and high stakes cases makes us ideally suited for your most complex case, especially if you are a celebrity, athlete or the high profile target of a criminal investigation. Though we have become accustomed to the spotlight that results from our history of success, we also know that our clients deserve the privilege of confidentiality and the opportunity to be discrete in their dealings with legal professionals. In fact, most of our cases never make the news.

Whether you face charges of Bribery, Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion, Securities Fraud, or even Murder or Sexual Assault, we have the experience in high profile cases to defend your rights, your reputation, and your livelihood no matter what charges you are facing.

We are based in Birmingham but have a national reach and a national reputation.

Through diligence and dedication, we have become one of the most successful criminal defense law firms in the nation. Our attorneys have appeared—regularly—in the national news media. We have been featured on Fox News, CNBC and other national television news sources. Also, we have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes, USA Today, US News & World Report, CNN.Money, and countless other national and international media outlets.

If You Need a High Profile Criminal Defense Attorney, Don’t Wait.

If a client contacts us early enough, we can put an end to any criminal investigation and avoid indictment. If indictment occurs, our goal is to get charges dismissed or win your freedom at trial. If a plea bargain is the best option, we will discuss all of the possible outcomes. Celebrities are often the victims of fraud, defamation, blackmail, and extortion. With such complex legal issues, the high financial stakes, and the media scrutiny at a celebrity trial, some legal professionals may decline to defend you. If you need a celebrity trial lawyer and legal team dedicated to your rights, Contact Boles Holmes White. We have the experience, confidence, and dedication to represent you discretely, thoroughly, and aggressively.

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