Federal Drug Crimes

Alabama Federal Drug Charge Attorneys

While most criminal lawyers in Alabama have handled a drug case in their career, not every Alabama criminal attorneys has experience in federal court with federal drug charges.  The federal drug charge attorneys at Boles Holmes White, have that experience and have experienced success.

When the United States government has accused you of a crime, the stakes don’t get any higher.  Long prison sentences typically accompany convictions for federal drug convictions.  Federal authorities only prosecute those drug cases they consider the most serious, typically involving significant drug trafficking across state lines.

Our federal drug possession attorneys at Boles Holmes White have experience with the following charges in federal court across the country:

  • Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute
  • Trafficking drugs
  • Continuing criminal enterprise related to a drug conspiracy
  • Money laundering related to alleged drug proceeds
  • Wire fraud or mail fraud related to a drug conspiracy
  • Asset forfeitures related to federal drug cases

Our federal drug conspiracy attorneys have experience dealing with:

  • informants, snitches, and other government cooperators
  • wire taps
  • illegal searches and seizures
  • circumstantial evidence used to attempt to convict our clients
  • video surveillance
  • illegal traffic stops
  • other methods of federal drug investigations

Punishment for those convicted of federal drug crimes greatly depend on the federal sentencing guidelines.  Those that are convicted of being the head of a drug cartel are often tried and punished under the continuing criminal enterprise statute and can face life in prison.  Even minimal participation in a drug conspiracy, if enough marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth or other controlled substance is involved, can result in decades in prison.

If you have been charged in a drug conspiracy or other charge in the United States District Court, call an experienced federal defense team.  Boles Holmes White has the experience you need to fight your federal drug arrest.  Call us today at 205-502-2000.

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