Drug Distribution

Drug Distribution Attorneys

The sale of illegal drugs in Alabama is called the unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.  Often, this will be abbreviated as UDCS.  Distribution charges apply to any controlled substance, including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine or others.

Defending Distribution Charges

There are a number of factors our drug distribution attorneys analyze in defending those accused of dealing drugs:

  •  Is the cocaine sale on video?
  • Was the defendant entrapped?
  • Was a snitch or informant involved?
  • If an informant was involved, what benefit did they get from the police?
  • Was an undercover officer involved?
  • How long after the sale was the defendant arrested?
  • How was the defendant identified?

All of these factors, and more, play a big role in how to defend the drug sales case in Alabama.

Punishment for Drug Sales

Alabama law lists the sale of illegal drugs as a Class B felony, with punishment up to 20 years for a first offender.  In addition, if the sale took place within 3 miles of a school and a public housing project, the minimum punishment is enhanced to 12 years.  However, since October 2013, UDCS charges now are sentenced under the Alabama sentencing guidelines.  This is another reason you need an experienced drug distribution attorney to represent you. If you or a loved one has been arrested for distribution of cocaine, meth, heroine, or any other drug in Alabama, contact the Alabama UDCS lawyers at Boles Holmes White LLC for a free consultation.

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