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The term “Uncontested Divorce” means that the parties fully and completely agree on all terms of the divorce.  This means no trial is necessary.  However, the appropriate paperwork must be filed with the domestic relations judge before the divorce can be finalized. Uncontested divorce attorneys fees cost less than contested divorces, because only one attorney is necessary to file an uncontested divorce.  Also the time expended by the attorney preparing the uncontested divorce papers is minimal compared to the time required to prepare for a divorce trial. However, just because you save on divorce attorney fees by filing for an uncontested divorce, does not mean it is in your best interest.  The fees you pay an attorney to review your situation, could save you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.   Allow our uncontested divorce attorneys in Birmingham to analyze your assets, and your suggested settlement and advise you if you are getting a good deal.  If not, there is still the chance the proposed uncontested settlement agreement can be negotiated to terms more favorable to you.  We can assist you in this divorce negotiation process. Even if you file an uncontested divorce, Alabama law prohibits the parties from remarrying, except to one another, within 60 days of the final divorce decree. If you are just ready to get your divorce over with, and are looking for the quickest, cheapest divorce route, contact our Birmingham uncontested divorce lawyers a call so they can help you.

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