Defending suspects, witnesses, and the convicted in murder cases nationwide.

If you face murder charges anywhere in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile or anywhere in Alabama, contact Boles Holmes White LLC. It doesn’t get any more serious than when you are charged with Murder in Alabama. The stakes involved with a murder charge are particularly high.  You may be facing a long and complex trial, the possibility of a long prison sentence, or, in some cases, the possibility of execution.  With a long history of successfully defending over 30 clients accused of murder in Alabama, and throughout the nation, our Alabama murder lawyers have the resources to offer you a powerful defense. Murder is often the most aggressively investigated and prosecuted crime.  There is serious pressure on law enforcement officials to solve all pending homicides.  This pressure may result in a rush to judgment and sloppy detective work.  Our job is to “investigate the investigation” to find where corners were cut, and our clients’ rights were violated.  Contact Boles Holmes White LLC to defend yourself against these violations if you are a witness or a target of a murder investigation. If a murder trial is necessary, we will fight for the best possible outcome, but . . . We may be able to have charges dropped before a trial and put an end to a criminal investigation. At trial we will fight for your freedom but we can also get your charges reduced.

Alabama Capital Murder Attorneys

There are several different murder charges in Alabama.  Capital Murder is the most serious, as the only possible punishments for a Capital Murder conviction is death and life without the possibility of parole.  Typically, Capital Murder cases occur during the conjunction of another offense such as:

Capital Murder is an intentional killing of another person, plus an aggravating factor, such as the intentional killing during the course of a Robbery, or a murder that occurs by shooting into or from an occupied vehicle.  Capital Murder and the various aggravating factors that cause a Murder to be a capital offense are covered in Alabama Code 13A-5-40.  There are too many to list here, and the Alabama legislature regularly attempts to add additional capital offenses. Capital Murder cases are structured to consist of two separate trials:  1.  The guilt phase; and 2.  The sentencing phase.  If the defendant is found not guilty of Capital Murder, but guilty of a lesser offense, the judge sentences the defendant.  However, if the defendant is convicted of capital murder, the jury must then make a sentencing recommendation to the judge.   This is only a recommendation, and the judge can override the jury’s verdict.   Upon conviction of capital murder, the only sentencing options are the death penalty and life without parole.

Alabama Murder Defense

The intentional killing of another person in Alabama is charged as murder, as long as the authorities don’t find aggravating circumstances to charge capital murder.  Also, the reckless killing of another person during the commission of a felony (often referred to as felony murder) also results in a charge of murder.  The Alabama murder statute can be found at Code of Alabama 13A-6-2. Murder is a Class A felony, and is punishable by 10 years to life in prison, except that if a deadly weapon is used, the State may seek to impose the deadly weapon enhancement causing the minimum sentence to be 20 years. If you are accused of murder or even if you have already been convicted, we have the skill and experience to defend you. Homicide cases are high stakes and, often, high profile. A law firm with experience in such cases can be on your side. Contact Boles Holmes White LLC for a free consultation today.

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