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Tracking Assets Hidden in Alabama Divorce Cases Throughout Alabama and Beyond

Do you suspect your spouse of hiding assets from you?

One of the first signs someone is considering divorce is when they begin stashing cash or other assets without the knowledge of their spouse.  They could be attempting to hide assets in an effort to reduce their eventual alimony obligation.  Or they may be scared of an extended divorce case, and fear not having the money to hire an attorney or live on.   Let our Birmingham, Alabama divorce attorneys assist you in locating assets hidden by your spouse.

If you are going through a divorce, it is almost certain your spouse will make attempts to understate their assets.  If they are seeking alimony, they want the divorce judge to believe they have a larger need than actually exists.  If they suspect alimony will be ordered against them, they want the divorce judge to think they have a smaller estate available from which to pay.

You can’t make an intelligent decision in a divorce case until you determine the marriage’s assets.  With our team of professional divorce attorneys, we can assist you in tracking assets before you file for divorce, to see if your spouse is hiding assets.

If you are already involved in a divorce, we can look for assets to determine what is available to our client, or to argue that our client should not be required to pay alimony because the other spouse has hidden assets.

We work with private investigators, accountants, and other professionals, to track assets so you can have a complete picture of the financial condition of your spouse.  Don’t agree to any divorce until you are comfortable you know to which assets you are entitled, and which will be kept by your spouse.

Contact our experienced asset location attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama to assist you with your divorce.  We can be reached at 205-502-2000.

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