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Boles Holmes White, located in Birmingham but practicing extortion defense nationwide.

We have a long history of success with extortion, bribery and blackmail cases. Wherever you are in the United States, we have the skills and diligence to defend your rights and protect your freedom. We have many years of experience in representing those accused of bribery and illegal kickbacks including:

  • Representation of a prominent Senator on allegations of soliciting a bribe
  • Representation of the former mayor of one of the top 10 largest city’s in America on allegations of accepting a bribe
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company employee on allegations of offering illegal kickbacks
  • Representing a Chinese importer on allegations of bribing an officer with the Department of Homeland Security
  • Representing a United States company in an investigation of the violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Whether you have been accused of extortion, charged with bribery, or convicted of illegal kickbacks, the experienced lawyers of Boles Holmes White have the skills necessary to defend you. Our capabilities to defend your bribery case are enhanced by our extensive experience in Public Corruption, Honest Services Fraud, RICO, and other complex areas of criminal defense. By obtaining our services, you will have all of our powerful legal resources on your side, including:

  • A long history of successfully defending clients against state and federal prosecutors
  • An successful record of defending clients in multi-million and even multi-billion dollar cases
  • Confidence and skill to protect our clients from aggressive law enforcement investigations
  • National presence to defend you against bribery charges anywhere in the country
  • Specialists who are committed to finding evidence favorable to you, our client

With our legal team on your side, your bribery or illegal kickback charges will be fought aggressively pre-trial. If you are being investigated for blackmail or bribery, the right legal team can keep the law enforcement investigation from going any further. If you have been convicted of extortion, the right legal team may get your sentence reduced or conviction overturned.

Contact Boles Holmes White and our bribery and kickback attorneys will aggressively protect your rights. By calling us, you will get a criminal defense team with a reputation for excellence. At whatever stage your extortion case is in, call us to discuss your defense.

Extortion, bribery or kickback convictions can be catastrophic.

Don’t wait to contact experienced bribery defense attorneys. Contact Boles Holmes White for a dedicated, experienced, and confident FCPA defense team.


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