Money Laundering

Money Laundering Attorney in Birmingham, AL for All Types of Money Laundering Cases

Money laundering is an offense that law enforcement is targeting as a way to break up organized crime groups as well as drug rings. Authorities also use money-laundering charges as a means to seize assets and prevent people from being able to afford a national money laundering defense lawyer to assist in their defense.

At Boles Holmes White , located in Birmingham, Alabama, we do not let law enforcement or the prosecution draw conclusions and use the law to penalize you before you are convicted. We know how to prove what income has been earned legitimately that can be used toward attorneys’ fees, as well as how to disprove income that is alleged to have been earned illegitimately. For serious and comprehensive counsel from a white collar defense lawyer, please Contact Us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

The federal white collar criminal defense attorneys at our firm handle all types of money laundering cases, which may involve:

  • Illegal wire transfers
  • Structuring transactions to conceal value or source, including the use of fraudulent invoices and offshore accounts
  • Not performing the required due diligence to determine sources of large amounts of money entering the business that cannot be explained or traced
  • Failing to report transactions over $10,000
  • Other financial transactions involving proceeds of any unlawful activity such as drug crimes or Internet crimes
  • Money that results from embezzlement or theft

U.S. Code, Section 1956 “Laundering of Monetary Instruments” defines what constitutes money laundering as a federal offense. The BHW team routinely defends people charged under this body of law as well as people who are facing similar charges in state court. We know how to deconstruct these cases to exploit flaws in the prosecution’s case, whether it be faulty reasoning, flawed evidence or weak testimony by witnesses.

The Birmingham, Alabama, law firm of Boles Holmes White‘s money laundering attorneys are here to explore all possible justifications, and can capably defend you if you are facing money laundering charges. Call our office at 205-502-2000 or email us today to arrange a confidential consultation.

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