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Our Arson attorneys are used to putting out fires.  The arson criminal defense lawyers in Alabama at Boles Holmes White LLC have extensive experience in investigating and defending arson cases in Birmingham and throughout Alabama.

Arson investigations typically fall into one of two categories:  1.  Destruction of your own property with fire for insurance purposes, or 2.  Destruction of someone else’s property out of spite or in an attempt to harm them.

If you have a piece of property covered by insurance that is destroyed in a fire, odds are the insurance company and law enforcement will investigate you to make sure arson was not involved in order to collect on an insurance policy.  Often times these cases are encouraged by your insurer who are looking at you for insurance fraud, and would rather not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in fire claims.  Our arson attorneys can get involved at an early stage, and hire our own experienced fire investigators to show that the fire was not intentional, but was accidental and the insurer should pay for the repairs.  We also assist you in avoiding criminal arson charges.  If you have had a building burn, give our Birmingham arson attorneys a call to protect your own interests.

Also, if you are being investigated for burning someone else’s property, our Alabama arson lawyers can assist you as well.  Whether you have an alibi, or the fire was caused naturally, by an electrical problem, or act of God, we will fight for you to avoid arson charges altogether or fight the arson charges in court.

There are three different arson charges in Alabama, arson in the first degree, arson in the second degree and arson in the third degree.

Arson First

Arson I is outlined in the Code of Alabama 13A-7-41 and occurs when a defendant intentionally starts a fire in an occupied building.  Because such an act could easily cause death, the Alabama arson statute makes arson in the first degree a Class A felony, punishable just like murder with a sentence of up to life in prison, and a minimum punishment of 10 years.

Arson Second

Arson II is covered by Code of Alabama 13A-7-42 which defines Arson 2nd as simply intentionally damaging a building by fire in which another person has an interest without their consent.  Arson in the second degree is a Class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and not less than 2 years.

Arson Third

Arson III occurs according to Alabama Code 13A-7-43 when someone recklessly causes damage to a building in which someone else has an interest without their consent by fire or explosion.  Because it is not done with intent, arson in the third degree is a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Our Birmingham arson lawyers stand ready to offer you a free consultation on your arson case, or any other criminal charge.  Call the Alabama arson attorneys at Boles Holmes White LLC today at 205-502-2000.

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