DUI Defense Overview

First Offense, Repeat and Felony DUI and DWI Penalties Lawyer

At Boles Holmes White LLC, we advise people throughout Alabama about the best ways to resolve drunk driving charges. To best avoid the severe penalties that may follow a DUI or DWI arrest, call our offices dedicated to DUI defense.

You need a seasoned and aggressive DUI Defense lawyer to fight DUI & DWI penalties.

We represent people who need to deal with a DUI arrest throughout the state of Alabama. We can explain your options and guide you through the procedures on a variety of charges and across a range of situations:

  • Basic DUI defense for people with clean records or whose blood alcohol concentration is not significantly higher than .10 percent
  • Repeat DUI charges with progressively harsher penalties for second, third and fourth convictions
  • Underage DUI charges against persons under 21 years of age
  • DUI felony charges involving alcohol-related injuries or fatalities, third or fourth convictions, or other aggravating circumstances
  • Breath test refusal cases and defenses based on field sobriety tests
  • Defense related to toxicology issues and breathalyzer results
  • Commercial driver DUI defense for truckers and other CDL holders in Alabama
  • Driver’s license suspension hearings related to drunk driving arrests

Your defense will often involve a series of evidentiary hearings, both to protect your driver’s license and to defeat the prosecution’s case against you. To keep your defense costs low, we generally accept cases on a flat fee basis; you won’t pay your lawyer more if your case requires another trip to court. Call us now for a free consultation.

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