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Being arrested for drug trafficking in Alabama may result in decades—or more—of your life spent in prison, massive fines, loss of your property and belongings, and other life-long consequences if you are convicted. Minimize your risk of such consequences. Call an experienced and diligent drug trafficking lawyer to be on your side.

When you contact Boles Holmes White LLC, you will have a defense attorney with extremely deep knowledge of Alabama drug trafficking laws; you will have a lawyer with the skill and experience to fight aggressive prosecutors; and you will have a legal team with the resources of a nationally prominent law firm on your side. Our experienced attorneys have represented clients in the most complex and high stakes drug cases. We protect the rights of our clients no matter what charges they face; from simple drug possession to international importation of illegal drugs, we have the resources to protect your from the most belligerent prosecutors and law enforcement officers. Call to begin the rigorous defense of your rights that you deserve.

If you face charges of drug trafficking in Alabama, you are being accused of selling drugs on a large scale and you may be facing federal criminal charges that have harsh mandatory minimums.  You may also face accusations of conspiracy and other related crimes. Such cases may involve drug trafficking across international borders or state lines; Alabama and federal prosecutors will be relentless in their quest to punish you. You need a relentless drug defense attorney on your side.

Criminal Attorneys Focused on Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug smuggling charges require aggressive and sophisticated attorneys who can anticipate prosecutors’ tactics. You need an experienced defense attorney who knows police procedure and federal law enforcement strategy. Your defense lawyer can question the evidence against you, challenge the prosecutions’ case, and can examine every detail of your arrest to fight for your freedom. Contact Boles Holmes White LLC if you face any drug charges in the state of Alabama, including:

  • Methamphetamine manufacturing
  • Ecstasy distribution
  • Marijuana importation
  • Cocaine dealing
  • Prescription drug offenses including Rx trafficking
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug related gun crimes

We will make sure your rights have been protected if you have been arrested on drug trafficking charges in Alabama.

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