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If you do not have a valid prescription for prescription drugs in your possession, Alabama law may impose significant penalties. As with other drug crimes, the amount, intent, and type of prescription drug may influence the penalties you face. Depending on the drug you are alleged to possess, you could face one to ten years in state or federal prison and massive fines in excess of $50,000; if you are convicted of distribution, sales, or drug trafficking of prescription drugs, your penalties may increase. Dramatically.
With the right defense attorney, you can protect your freedom.

Criminal Lawyers – Protecting Your Rights and Your Freedom

For more than 40 years, we have been protecting citizens’ rights throughout the nation. Now we can protect yours. Contact us if you have been arrested for a prescription drug crime in the state of Alabama. Our attorneys are among the most experienced in the nation and will use their considerable skill and the vast resources of the firm to defend you against

  • Prescription forgery charges
  • Charges of “doctor shopping”
  • Allegations related to the transport of large amounts of prescription drugs
  • Charges for intent to sell prescription drugs
  • Allegations of illegal prescription drug possession

Whatever criminal drug charges you face, put your confidence in our defense attorneys. We will stop at nothing to protect your guaranteed Constitutional rights if you have been arrested for prescription drug related crime.

With prescription drugs like Oxycodone, Ritalin, Rophynol, Morphine, Vicodin, Hydrocodone and other such pharmaceuticals widely available, law enforcement officials have become more and more aggressive in their efforts to stop prescription drug crimes. Don’t be a victim of their efforts to send a “we are tough on crime” message to the public.

Prescription drug laws in Alabama are complex and the penalties depend on a variety of circumstances.  With a skilled lawyer protecting your rights, you can minimize your risks of punishment on prescription drug charges. Contact our prescription drug defense attorneys today to assert your rights.

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