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Repeat DUI Charges

Skilled Defense for Repeat DUI Charges

If you face DUI charges with a prior drunk driving conviction on your record, you’re looking at serious consequences if you’re convicted again. Get to know just what your risks and legal options are by discussing your situation with an attorney who knows from experience how different courts are likely to regard your case. Contact the DUI focused law offices of Boles Holmes White LLC for a free consultation with an experienced and accomplished 2nd and 3rd Drunk Driving Arrest Lawyer.  Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our DUI defense attorneys today.

Knowledgeable felony DUI attorneys for your repeat DUI

In many cases, the basic driver’s license suspension for a first DUI conviction is 90 days, a second offense normally draws a 180-day suspension. A third offense will pull you off the road for a full year. There may be jail time involved for repeat DUI convictions as well—five days on a second offense, and a stiff 60 days mandatory for a third within a 5-year period. These penalties and how often or how strictly they’re applied can vary a good deal from one state and county to another, however. It’s essential to work with an attorney who knows the local practices in the area where you’ve been arrested.

Other than the sharply increased penalties, however, the basic strategies for repeat DUI defense are essentially the same as they are for a first-time drunk driving arrest. We analyze the circumstances of your traffic stop, the toxicology reports and the field sobriety test to see where the weaknesses in the government’s case might be. We then take full advantage of your right to two hearings — one before a judge, and the other before a jury. We can often use the record developed in the first hearing to strengthen your defense at the second.

An essential feature of the defense practice at Boles Holmes White LLC is our ability to coordinate your strategy across both criminal trials and your license suspension hearing, all for a single flat fee. As well as defending people charged with repeat DUI misdemeanors, we also handle the defense for those facing DUI felonies and other charges related to DUI arrests. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your case and your options for the best defense possible.

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