Grand Larceny

Alabama Grand Larceny Attorneys: Defending Clients across the United States

Boles Holmes White can defend you against charges of grand larceny and theft.

If you are convicted of grand larceny—whether in Birmingham, New Orleans, or Los Angeles—you may face many years in prison, may be responsible for massive fines and restitution, and may have your life permanently disrupted. There is a way to minimize these risks.

Aggressive and experienced grand larceny lawyers protecting your rights and preserving your freedom

Boles Holmes White have a long history in cases related to all areas of criminal defense including grand larceny. We have also proven our excellence in defending clients accused of Bribery and Blackmail, Federal Drug Crimes, Insurance Fraud, RICO, Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion and a wide variety of other crimes.

Grand larceny can be a particularly complex area of law. We are well-suited for such cases. Accusations of grand larceny are often related to the following:

  • Auto theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Illegally obtaining material to make illegal substances
  • Stealing large amounts of cash or merchandise
  • Stealing extremely expensive merchandise or property

Prosecutors, police, and other law enforcement officers may be overly aggressive in pursuing excessive punishment for grand larceny. They may also overstep their rights—and violate yours—during their larceny investigation. Even if you were only a witness, they may pressure you, forcing you to obtain a lawyer with Witness Representation experience.  You need a legal team ready to defend you against their aggression. Without an experienced, dedicated, and accomplished legal team on your side, you may be unfairly convicted of a crime or investigated for unjustified reasons.

Successful defense of your rights—and your freedom—may depend on your legal team.

Boles Holmes White is well equipped to investigate the reason that charges have been brought against you. We also have the confidence and skill to protect you from overeager law enforcement officers and prosecutors. We may be able to have charges dropped; but if your case does go to trial, you will have dedicated and successful Alabama grand larceny attorneys on your side. You need experienced criminal defense lawyers to defend you — call Boles Holmes White .

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