Toxicology Issues

Toxicology Issues

DUI lawyer for toxicology issues throughout Alabama

The law offices of Boles Holmes White LLC are concentrated on DUI defense throughout Alabama.  As a result, we have gained a great deal of experience and technical familiarity with the Draegar Alcotest 7110 breath analysis device used by Alabama law enforcement agencies.  As one of the only offices with a lawyer who has been certified on the Draegar Alcotest 7110, our  office can provide unique insight. This experience helps our trial lawyers make effective presentations at jury trials whenever defects in the operation or maintenance of the Draeger raise questions as to your correct blood alcohol concentration.

Breathalyzer and other devices for determining BAC are not always accurate.

A blood alcohol reading of .08 or greater will usually support a conviction on most DUI charges in Alabama. For commercial drivers, the level may be no more than .04. For underage drivers, a blood alcohol concentration as low as .02 can lead to conviction. If your DUI case involves a reading substantially higher than any of these minimum thresholds, a defense based on toxicology probably won’t be as effective as it will when the reading is closer to the minimum. Whenever our cross-examination shows that the law enforcement officer who conducted your breath test didn’t understand how to do it properly, however, you stand a good chance of ruining the government’s ability to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Because we handle all phases of your DUI defense for a single flat fee, we can advise you about your ability to present a strong defense based on mistakes in the breath test. Lots of things can go wrong with a Draeger breath test or other breathalyzer—operator error, lack of operator certification, even radio interference or diet-related mouth alcohol. To learn whether any of these might strengthen your drunk driving defense, contact an attorney at Boles Holmes White LLC for a free consultation.

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