Hiring Illegal Aliens

Hiring Illegal Aliens

If you are a business-owner or employer and received notice of civil and/or criminal penalties for unlawfully employing aliens, you are up against some serious penalties including monetary fines and time in prison. You need a team of attorneys that understands the law and will provide you with the best defense possible. If you have been accused of unfair employment practices regarding foreign immigrants, you stand to lose employees and possibly your business. You need attorneys who will zealously fight for your livelihood.

The team at Boles Holmes White is ready to defend you whether you have been charged with Unlawful Employment of Aliens, accused of Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices, or are being investigated by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Our attorneys will consult with you and help build the best case possible for you and your business. Contact us at 205-502-2000.

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