Protection of Professional Licenses

Alabama Professional License Defense Lawyers

Protecting your license to practice law, medicine, real estate, and other professions

If your livelihood and professional reputation is at stake, Boles Holmes White can defend your license to practice. There are many attorneys assisting others in the protection of their professional license, but Boles Holmes White have extensive experience with cases of the greatest complexity and highest stakes. If your career is at risk, contact Boles Holmes White for a diligent and sophisticated defense of your life’s work.

Alabama Medical License Defense Law Firm defending physicians in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile and across the state

Doctors are human. Sometimes mistakes can be made but a mistake does not need to be the end of a career. Furthermore, physicians are all too often the targets of frivolous claims that may lead to civil or even criminal charges. These charges may put your medical license in jeopardy. You may be facing some of the following charges:

Don’t face these charges alone. If you are being investigated or have had your medical license threatened, contact Alabama medical license defense lawyers with the experience and resources to fight for your life’s work. Contact Boles Holmes White as soon as possible so your defense can begin.

Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Real Estate Agents, Educators… your license is threatened

We don’t just represent doctors. We also have experience representing licensed real estate agents, and have successfully defended them in investigations by the Alabama Real Estate Commission. We can also represent attorneys being investigated by the Alabama State Bar and any other professional in fear of losing their license.

Contact Boles Holmes White. No matter your occupation, if you have a license to perform your job and it is being threatened, you need a powerful ally on your side. Your years of education, dedication, and experience should not be sacrificed without a fight. You may be called on to appear before an administrative body who will judge your career’s worth. There are other Alabama administrative law practice attorneys who might want to defend you in such cases. But Boles Holmes White have the experience, skill, and dedication to offer the defense you need.

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