Grand Jury Proceedings

Federal Grand Jury Lawyers in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and throughout the United States

Accomplished attorneys protecting your interests during federal grand jury investigations.

Before a felony case ever gets to court, a lengthy process of investigation by a grand jury and possible indictment may occur. If a majority of the grand jury members decide to indict, this grand jury process may be followed by a tedious trial for a defendant.

With an experienced legal professional on your side, you may be well prepared for the trial. But with an exceptional legal team on your side, you may be able to avoid trial altogether, minimize your role in the alleged crime, and have the opportunity for a counter-investigation which could find evidence in your favor.

When called before a grand jury, you will need advice and preparation.

If you are called to testify before a grand jury, you will not be allowed to have a defense lawyer in the room with you. As a result, you must be well prepared by your legal team. Contact Boles Holmes White, LLC and we will skillfully guide you through the grand jury proceedings with the goal of the most favorable outcome. When you have been called before a federal grand jury, we will be able to offer you counsel on a variety of issues including the following:

  • Avoiding self-incrimination
  • Producing documents and evidence that the grand jury may require
  • Helping you avoid charges of Obstruction of Justice

Whatever your role, if you have a part in a grand jury investigation, seek legal counsel.

In many cases, witnesses and persons of interest have been subpoenaed to produce documents or testify before a grand jury, only to find that they become the subject of the grand jury’s investigation.  If you are a witness in a grand jury investigation, see the Witness Representation page to avoid being charged with a crime that you merely witnessed.

When unprepared for the complexity of facing such a jury, many witnesses and persons of interest incriminate themselves or unintentionally draw attention to their role in a possible crime.

Don’t let that happen to you. Whether you are the subject of the federal investigation, a person of interest, a witness or have some other role in the grand jury proceedings, seek out experienced federal grand jury lawyers. Your best chance of avoiding indictment may be to obtain legal counsel. Contact Boles Holmes White.

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