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William White worked on the team defending Richard Scrushy, who was accused and ultimately acquitted of masterminding a $2.7 billion securities fraud as the CEO of HealthSouth. That 2005 trial was the first case tried under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and it was such a blow to the government that subsequent prosecutions under its anti-fraud provisions have been few and far between.

Nonetheless, securities fraud is aggressively investigated by the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Prosecutors are more savvy and thorough in building their cases, backed by a massive infusion of government resources.

Boles Holmes White has earned a national reputation in the defense of corporate executives or stock brokers accused of defrauding investors. We have extensive experience in white collar crime defense.

Contact Us today if you have been charged with investment fraud or suspect you are a target of a federal probe. Our attorneys have defended corporate and investment brokerage executives on every type of alleged securities fraud:

  • “Pump and dump” schemes to artificially inflate stocks and sell off holdings
  • Insider trading by officers, directors or employees
  • Accounting fraud (understating liabilities or losses, overstating assets or earnings)
  • Backdating of stock options
  • Ponzi schemes

We have also defended those accused of broker fraud:

  • Misrepresentation of stocks
  • Churning (excessive trading)
  • Kickbacks for pushing a particular stock
  • Insider stock speculation

Additionally, our clients often face allegations of money laundering or Wire Fraud in perpetrating the crime or diverting ill-gotten gains.

One of the Biggest Securities Cases Ever

The Scrushy case was just one of our many high-profile cases in securities fraud and white collar crimes. Mr. Scrushy was alleged to have ordered HealthSouth employees to falsify corporate earnings to prop up the company’s stock price. The jury in his federal trial in Birmingham returned not-guilty verdicts on all 36 counts of accounting fraud, conspiracy and related felonies. In what fellow trial lawyer and legal analyst Jere Beasley called a “mismatch of legal talent,” Scrushy’s defense team including William White effectively countered every attempt by the federal prosecutor to link our client to wrongdoing at the company.

If you are accused of stock fraud or an SEC violation, contact Boles Holmes White at 205-502-2000 or by e-mail to arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced securities fraud attorney.

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