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You’ve got that feeling in your gut that something isn’t right.  You may not have any hard evidence, but you feel your spouse is being unfaithful.  Either they’ve denied it, or you haven’t had the energy to confront them.  But infidelity is not one of those situations you can just ignore.  What do you do?  Contact an experienced divorce attorney who knows how to deal with adultery in a divorce context.

You may have noticed new behavior in your husband.   He may be working out more, buying new clothes, staying late at the office.  Your wife may seem disinterested, and be spending more and more time “with her friends” or on the computer in the other room.

Suspicion of a cheating wife or cheating husband is one of the top reasons new clients contact our divorce attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama.  Adultery is one of the grounds authorized by Alabama law for a divorce court judge to grant a divorce.  The divorce lawyers in our Birmingham office can work with you to determine if your spouse has had a wandering eye, and if so begin planning your exit strategy.   In some cases, we have even found that the suspicion is unwarranted, allowing the marriage to be repaired.

We work with private investigators and other experts have been successful in catching a cheating spouse in the act.  Once that is done, this damaging information can be used to obtain the best possible outcome for you in your divorce.

You’re the cheater?  How do you protect yourself?

You’ve either been caught committing adultery, or you are worried that your secret is about to end.  Where do you go from here?  Many of our clients have made mistakes in their marriage, including adultery.  It is our job to mitigate that, and prevent it from causing devastating effects to you in your divorce case.

There is likely a reason you’ve strayed in your marriage that will explain your behavior.  While this may not excuse what you’ve done completely, our divorce attorneys are skilled advocates that can make the court understand the position in which you have found yourself.  Additionally, if no one yet knows about your “indiscretion” our divorce lawyers can help you negotiate a settlement before it comes to light, or advise you in how to disclose your adultery to your spouse in an effort to either help save the marriage or minimize the damage.

If you suspect adultery, or your spouse is seeking a divorce from you because you have cheated, contact divorce attorney William White at Boles Holmes White LLC to guide you through this stressful time.

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