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Theft Lawyer: Embezzlement, Theft of Property, Theft of Lost Property, Theft of Services, Shoplifting

Legal Defense for Over 30 Years

Boles Holmes White LLC has been providing legal defense for people in Alabama and through the United States for over 30 years. Our skill in defending clients against the most serious criminal charges is beyond dispute; our reputation has been built on our relentless commitment to our client’s Constitutional rights. If you face charges of theft of property, embezzlement, or any theft crime in Alabama, contact our experienced theft lawyers today.
When you call us, you will be able to discuss your theft case with an experienced and highly skilled criminal defense lawyer at one of the nation’s most prominent criminal defense law firms. Whatever criminal charges you face, we can defend you. Call if you have been arrested for:

  • Theft of Property in the first degree (theft of over $2500)
  • Theft of Property in the second degree (theft of over $500)
  • Theft of Property in the third degree (theft of less than $500)
  • Embezzlement from your employer
  • Shoplifting
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Theft of Lost Property in the first degree (theft of lost property of over $2500)
  • Theft of Lost Property in the second degree (theft of lost property of over $500)
  • Theft of Lost Property in the third degree (theft of lost property of less than $500)
  • Theft of trademark or trade secrets
  • Theft of services in the first degree (value in excess of $2500)
  • Theft of services in the second degree (value in excess of $500)
  • Theft of services in the third degree (value less than $500)

As you can see there are multiple theft charges in Alabama from being accused of stealing  money, checks or trade secrets from your boss, to stealing utility services from the cable company.  There is no reason to have any attorney on your side who is not experienced in Alabama theft trials. Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended clients accused of theft throughout Alabama countless times. We can defend you.

Criminal Defense Law Firm; Defense Against Serious Penalties

Depending on the specific charges brought against you by Alabama prosecutors, you may face decades in prison, community service, long–term probation, and have a criminal record that threatens your career opportunities. The value of the items you are accused of stealing, whether or not anyone was injured during the alleged crime, if a weapon was involved, or if you have a criminal record: all of these may influence the charges you confront.
Your theft lawyer will examine your case with an expert’s attention to detail. Every aspect of your arrest, the evidence against you, the witnesses called and experts relied upon all present opportunities: opportunities for us to challenge the prosecution’s case against you. We may be able to get evidence suppressed, discredit witnesses, and identify errors made by Alabama law enforcement officers.  We will use all the resources of our law firm and all of our experience to fight for your freedom.

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