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Federal authorities are expecting a new wave of mortgage fraud prosecutions in the wake of the nation’s housing crisis and financial bailout of lenders.

The Birmingham Alabama law firm of Boles Holmes White is equipped to defend against charges of mortgage or bank fraud, including sophisticated collusion involving many parties. Our experienced criminal attorneys have the ability to represent homebuyers, mortgage officers, realtors, appraisers and others accused of falsely obtaining loans or conspiring to defraud lenders, homeowners or the government.

State and federal law enforcement agencies have dedicated special units to uncover mortgage fraud. You will need sharp legal counsel to respond to these serious felony charges. Contact Us immediately for representation throughout the United States.

Mortgage Fraud

An experienced mortgage fraud lawyer at Boles Holmes White can provide representation if you are accused of any of a variety of mortgage or banking fraud schemes:

  • Property flipping — A property is purchased and resold several times based on fraudulent appraisals, then abandoned to foreclosure. We have represented industry insiders accused of taking kickbacks or straw buyer accomplices who obtained the fraudulent loans.
  • Equity skimming — A homeowner is convinced to sign over the deed to the home in exchange for rescuing the property from foreclosure. Through a shell corporation, the investor saps equity through up front fees but never makes mortgage payments, and collects monthly rent from the victim until the lender forecloses.
  • Fraud for housing — We also can provide representation to homebuyers accused of misrepresenting income, debts or other information to qualify for a home loan.

Bank Fraud

Boles Holmes White has represented business owners and individuals who obtained a commercial loan, home loan, line of equity, letter of credit or other funding through false identity, forged documents or false information on the loan application. The scheme sometimes involves bank insiders who take bribes for pushing a fraudulent or questionable loan through.

Defenses for Mortgage or Banking Fraud

These cases center on criminal intent — knowing misrepresentation, fabricating appraisals or offering or accepting bribes. Our accomplished white collar crime attorneys work to provide exculpatory evidence:

  • Proving that a buyer has the assets stated on the loan app.
  • Demonstrating that the straw buyer was himself defrauded or led to believe the transaction was legal.
  • Asserting that an equity investor was legitimately helping a homeowner escape from a distressed mortgage.
  • Corroborating an allegedly fraudulent appraised value.

Boles Holmes White has a strong record in the early stages of these cases, averting grand jury proceedings or getting charges dismissed or reduced. When the government has a strong case, we are effective in plea negotiations and renowned for our trial skills.

Strategy for you case depends on the facts of your situation and the actual charges. Call a mortgage fraud attorney at 205-502-2000 or e-mail us to arrange a confidential consultation.

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