Zohydro Arrests

The Controversial History of Zohydro

A New Hydrocodone-based Painkiller Approved by the FDA in the fall of 2013, Zohydro is an extended-release formulation of the painkiller hydrocodone. Unlike other such drugs on the market, Zohydro contains no acetaminophen or similar additives, a fact which manufacturer Zogenix claims can make it safer than the alternatives. Zohydro’s approval process, however, was contentious. In contrast to the modern version of OxyContin, Zohydro incorporates nothing in the way of abuse-deterring features. That spurred many experts to warn that the new drug would lead to dangerous levels of illegitimate use and outright abuse. Fearing an upcoming wave of zohydro addiction, law enforcement officials and public health authorities around the country rallied against the drug throughout the process, and the FDA’s own advisory panel voted 11-2 against approving it for the same reason. Even after Zohydro was given the green light, 28 state attorneys general banded together to petition the FDA to reverse its decision, an effort that ultimately proved fruitless.

The Enforcement Environment Surrounding Zohydro in Alabama Today

Law enforcement officials at all levels, then, have been on guard against the new prescription drug since even before it became available. Having struggled for so long against the abuse and illegal distribution of OxyContin, problems that are only now coming under control thanks to a new formulation, police and prosecutors in Alabama are determined to fight aggressively against the abuse of Zohydro to ensure that it does not snowball in the same way. That means that anyone who is the subject of a zohydro arrest in Alabama can expect to face forceful prosecution. Being able to rely on an experienced drug crimes defense attorney, like those of Boles Holmes White LLC, will therefore be practically a necessity for accused persons who wish to minimize the damage done to their lives and futures. Prosecutors in Alabama are determined to move strongly against those accused even of simple unauthorized zohydro possession and will be even tougher on people suspected of illegal distribution.

Experienced and Dedicated, Boles Holmes White Drug Crimes Attorneys Fight Effectively for Their Clients

Facing down aggressive, determined police and prosecutors, the average defendant stands little chance of escaping unscathed. Prosecuting Zohydro cases is a high priority across Alabama, meaning that little in the way of resources and time will be spared in the effort to put accused persons behind bars. Boles Holmes White criminal defense attorneys are experienced at protecting their clients and giving them the effective representation they need. Many drug crime prosecutions are rife with overreach on the part of police and prosecutors, and Boles Holmes White attorneys are experienced at rooting out and exposing these problematic, rights-violating tactics. Attorneys with Boles Holmes White who are experienced at defending drug charges, for example, can quickly recognize when an investigating officer has overstepped the bounds of the law, and these insights can quickly produce results for clients. Boles Holmes White criminal defense attorneys are also adept at anticipating the strategies of prosecutors, understanding and accounting for their moves, both inside and out of the courtroom, in ways that maximize clients’ chances. With the Stakes so High, Securing the Best Possible Representation is of Critical Importance Boles Holmes White attorneys also understand at a deep level, borne of extensive experience, how serious and important these matters invariably are. A single zohydro arrest can impact a life in negative ways for a long time to come, and Boles Holmes White attorneys fight fiercely to ensure that their clients do not suffer unnecessarily. A charge of possession of Zohydro without a prescription can entail potential penalties of years in state prison and fines of up to $15,000. Those charged with trafficking or distribution face even harsher punishments, and felony convictions of any sort in Alabama entail the lifelong loss of a number of important rights and enduring difficulties with finding employment, as well as other issues. Prosecutors will try to push those accused of Zohydro crimes to plead guilty even when their cases are weak, and having the counsel of an experienced, effective defense attorney like those of Boles Holmes White is often the only way of avoiding this trap.

Effective Help for Those Who Have Already Been Convicted

With prosecutors and police officers focused so intently on putting Zohydro abusers and traffickers behind bars, shortcuts, civil rights violations, and other issues are commonplace. Boles Holmes White attorneys can review the cases of those who have already been convicted to find grounds for appeals, and these efforts are often successful. Whether facing Zohydro-related charges for the first time, then, or dealing with the impact of a conviction, getting in touch with Boles Holmes White to talk about what can be done is an important step. As long as authorities in Alabama remain so committed to fighting Zohydro abuse, anyone who falls afoul of their focus will benefit from having determined, experienced counsel.

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