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Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the Law Firm of Boles Holmes White has a long history of success with a wide variety of crimes—securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud—and has helped countless clients defend their assets. With the resources and the reach to protect your assets anywhere in the nation, Boles Holmes White can be on your side as you face what may be a long and complex process. Whether you are from Alabama or not and regardless of how complex your case might be, our legal experts are on your side and can offer a rigorous and sophisticated defense of your hard-earned assets.

Asset forfeiture may be a consequence of other criminal charges.

A prosecutor may pursue your assets in a civil proceeding while you are being investigated or prosecuted in a related criminal case, or they may seek criminal forfeiture as part of your criminal indictment, or both. Our asset forfeiture attorneys are experienced in handling both the civil and criminal asset forfeitures. At Boles Holmes White, we’ve discovered the best defense to an asset forfeiture, be it a criminal asset forfeiture or a civil asset forfeiture, is to win the criminal case!

They may proceed with civil forfeiture even if you are found not guilty.

If your property was used to further a crime—even without your permission or knowledge—law enforcement may still try to keep your valuables, even if you are never charged with a crime. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials may believe that fighting to get your property back is too complicated and too difficult and that you will give up. As experienced Birmingham asset forfeiture attorneys, we will fight against this type of practice and will do whatever is necessary to protect and retrieve your valuables.

At Boles Holmes White , we have decades of experience with such cases and work hard to be one of the nation’s leading criminal defense firms. Contact Boles Holmes White at 205-502-2000 if you are facing criminal charges or fear that your assets may be forfeited. No matter the charges, we can defend you. Our areas of focus include:

  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Tax Fraud
  • RICO
  • Securities Fraud

The above represent only a small sample of the many types of cases we handle, but charges for any of the above may lead to asset forfeiture. If you are under investigation, have been arrested, believe that you may soon be arrested and you fear that your assets may be in danger, Contact Boles Holmes White as soon as possible. You will receive practical advice and sophisticated insight from an experienced legal team.

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