Identity Theft

Alabama Identity Theft Attorneys

Our Birmingham identity theft lawyers can fight for your freedom if you are being accused of identity theft.  With identity theft cases inundating the news on a nightly basis, we have seen an increase in both the enforcement and punishment of identity theft cases. The two most common charges in Alabama involving stolen identities are:  Identity theft and trafficking in stolen identities. Identity theft covers a number of activities in which one person, without permission of the victim, uses the victims’ identity to obtain goods, services, or employment, or alternatively obtains the private personal information of the victim without their permission with intent to gain some personal benefit.  Identity theft is a serious crime in Alabama as it is treated as a Class B felony making imprisonment up to 20 years possible.

Trafficking in Stolen Identities

Another Class B felony involving identity theft in Alabama is trafficking in stolen identities.  Someone commits the crime of trafficking in stolen identities if they possess 5 or more identification documents or identification information of any victim or combination of victims without their permission and with the intent that they be used for the purposes of identity theft. Our trafficking in stolen identities criminal defense attorneys have typically seen trafficking in stolen identities charges picked up by the United States Attorneys’ office and prosecuted in Federal Court.  However, on occasion, state charges are brought.  If you are being investigated either by the State of Alabama or the US Attorney for trafficking in stolen identities, it is imperative you contact a qualified criminal defense attorney.  Our criminal attorneys in Birmingham have experience in handling your case in either state or federal court. Call us today at 205-502-2000.

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