Underage DUI

Defense of DUI Charges Against Underage Clients

Lawyers in Alabama representing drivers under the age of 21

Alabama allows for the conviction of drivers under 21 for DUI on a blood alcohol concentration as low as .02. While this exposes underage drivers to serious DUI conviction risks, younger drivers can sometimes have wider options for the favorable resolution of drunk driving charges.
If you face charges for underage drinking and driving in Alabama, call Boles Holmes White LLC to learn more about your legal alternatives. With our DUI focused office, we have the resources to protect your rights if you face charges of DUI and you are under 21 years old. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our three DUI defense offices.

Our offices focus on all aspects of drunk driving defense. Underage clients will not only benefit from our experience and skill with trial defense, but also our familiarity with the range of treatment, community service and diversion options that might be available depending on where you were arrested.

Underage Drinking DUI Lawyer with many options for your drunk driving case.

If your blood alcohol reading was greater than .08, we’ll probably look to apply our basic DUI defense strategy, which coordinates a driver’s license suspension hearing with a trial before a judge and a high probability of a jury trial, all for a single flat fee.
We’ll consider a different approach if your blood alcohol concentration was between .04 and .08. On a first offense, you’ll probably qualify for treatment as a youthful offender and eventual sealing of your criminal record. This can protect you from the future consequences of an underage DUI conviction depending on the state in which you were arrested. However, we might be better off taking your case to trial. You have many options for a successful defense. Contact us for a free consultation with a skilled DUI attorney at Boles Holmes White LLC.

You will benefit from the experience of focused DUI defense attorneys backed up by the resources and reputation of a nationally recognized criminal defense law firm. Call us now to schedule your free initial consultation.

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