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Defending Those Accused of Bribery and Honest Services Fraud

The law firm of Boles Holmes White has represented public officials accused of abusing their office for personal gain or political spite, as well as those accused of bribing elected officials. We are accustomed to high-profile cases and media scrutiny, and have represented several high-ranking politicians across the United States. Our public corruption attorneys don’t shrivel in the spotlight. As an example, Boles Holmes White have represented the mayors of two of the largest 15 cities in the United States. Also, we successfully represented a prominent Senator in two trials lasting nearly 6 months total, which resulted in a complete “not guilty” verdict. We not only won the case, but the Senator kept political office and was re-elected in a landslide.

The BHW team is knowledgeable about a vaguely written law and proactive in challenging the charges.

Public Corruption charges can be tough to prove. Authorities must demonstrate that the official received cash, campaign contributions, improper gifts or services and provided or explicitly promised something in return (contracts, appointments, project approvals, a certain vote, etc.) However, the real challenge is convincing the jury that some politicians are actually honest. That’s where the experience our trial attorneys bring to the courtroom comes in play. We focus on the good the public official has done for their constituents and we fight the criminal allegations at every step.

Instead of bribery, many officials are instead charged with “depriving the public of honest services”, “honest services wire fraud” or “honest services mail fraud.” The theory behind honest services fraud is that the politician acted out of personal gain or political favor in opposition to the best interests of the citizenry. The law is broader and the elements are slightly different than for charges of bribery.

Our clients commonly face related and state and federal charges such as conspiracy, Wire Fraud or mail fraud, money laundering, extortion, bid rigging or obstruction of justice.

Aggressive Defense of Public Corruption Allegations

Boles Holmes White actively counters the government’s case. Were the alleged corruption or bribery charges based on a wiretap or interception of e-mail or text messages? Are the accusations leveled by a political opponent? What is the evidence that any compensation changed hands or that any dishonest service was rendered? Was it simply a failure to report legitimate gifts from a constituent?

We intervene swiftly to avoid indictment or get charges dismissed, and prepare from the beginning for the possibility of a trial to clear our client’s name. If prosecutors have an airtight case, we will explore plea agreements that avoid prison time and soften the other consequences.

If facing bribery charges or other corruption, you are represented by proven Birmingham public corruption lawyers with over 50 years of collective experience in white collar crime. We practice nationwide. Contact our office if you have been charged or questioned in relation to a public scandal.

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