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Federal Crimes Attorney in Birmingham, AL – Nationwide Representation and Reputation

Federal agencies have broad powers, tremendous resources and some of the best attorneys and investigators. Federal charges carry stiffer and often mandatory prison sentences. And federal court has different procedures and rules of evidence than state court.

For all these reasons, you need formidable representation by nationally recognized attorneys who understand federal charges. The BHW team has decades of combined experience in the fight for your freedom. Contact Us immediately if you have been questioned or arrested for a federal offense.

Nationwide Representation and Reputation

Boles Holmes White has tried major cases in federal courts throughout the United States, including the securities fraud trial of former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy and other high-profile cases. We have the background and investigative resources of our own to tackle any federal charges:

Our federal criminal defense team has handled drug charges stemming from large-scale seizures, frauds involving millions and even billions of dollars, and prosecutions of notable public figures. But we never discount the “lesser” charges such as wire fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice or money laundering — these are often the counts that stick when the charges that make headlines don’t, and they still carry heavy prison time for a conviction.

We have obtained dismissals and acquittals, and even averted indictments in the first place for clients under investigation. Our team mounts a thorough defense that prepares for trial and puts clients in the best bargaining position. Lastly, our firm has extensive experience in federal criminal appeals.

Call a federal crimes lawyer at the Birmingham, Alabama law firm of Boles Holmes White at 205-502-2000 or e-mail us to arrange a confidential consultation. Our firm provides state and federal criminal defense across the U.S.

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