Negotiating a Worthless Negotiable Instrument

Birmingham Negotiating a Worthless Instrument Attorneys

Most people have bounced a check in their life, so what makes it a crime in Alabama? Intentionally writing a check that you know is no good in exchange for goods or services is often charged as the Class A misdemeanor known as negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument (also called “NWNI”). In some circumstances, if the goods or services are valuable enough (in excess of $500) the authorities may decide to charge the defendant with the felonies of Theft 2nd or Theft 1st (in excess of $2500). What most people don’t realize are the serious financial consequences of writing a small check for a pack of cigarettes when you know there is no money in your account. The NWNI attorneys at Boles Holmes White LLC routinely see situations where a $5.00 check ends up costing the defendant in excess of $500 after court costs and worthless check fees. It gets much worse when multiple checks are involved. That is where the Birmingham NWNI attorneys at Boles Holmes White LLC can help. We have successfully negotiated to save our clients thousands of dollars in court costs and restitution on worthless check cases. We have routinely obtained full dismissals of all charges in these cases, leaving our clients with no criminal conviction. If you have been accused of NWNI, call the Birmingham criminal lawyers at Boles Holmes White LLC to represent you. Call 205-502-2000 for assistance with your criminal case.

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