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Though marijuana possession for personal use in Alabama is a misdemeanor, the charge can quickly escalate to a felony depending on the circumstances of your arrest and whether or not you have prior convictions. Many people believe that marijuana possession is not a serious offense; Alabama law enforcement officers do not share that opinion.
Our lawyers often defend clients who are shocked that their case has led them into such trouble. They may cultivate marijuana for personal use. They may have been arrested for possession for personal use. Or, they may be accused of drug trafficking or arrested for cultivation of a large amount of marijuana. Whatever charges you face, call today and we will begin formulating a legal strategy that prioritizes your freedom and your Constitutional rights

Our marijuana criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable about Alabama marijuana law. We also have the vast resources of Boles Holmes White LLC to wage your defense. Without the right defense attorney, your risk of a conviction on Alabama marijuana charges may increase. A conviction may lead to

  • Fines that can be in the thousands of dollars
  • Driver’s license suspension for six months
  • Loss of job opportunities and some professional licenses
  • Property confiscation
  • Possible loss of your right to vote
  • Possible loss of your right to possess a firearm
  • A drug conviction that makes any future conviction much more serious even it is unrelated to marijuana

You face more penalties if your marijuana possession was near any school or on public housing project property, federal land, if there was violence involved, or this is a repeat offense. Why face such possibilities without a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side? Contact the Alabama marijuana lawyers at Boles Holmes White LLC.

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