Qui Tam – Whistleblower Suits

Incentivizing and Protecting Those Who Stand Up for What’s Right

When a corporation is engaging in fraudulent or criminal activities, often it takes the courageous action of a corporate insider or employee speaking out and alerting the authorities in order to stop it. Authorities rely on these “whistleblowers” for information and key evidence in prosecuting these kinds of crimes, but whistleblowers have historically faced harsh consequences for their bravery. Today there are federal and state laws protecting whistleblowers, and providing incentives for them to come forward. Under the doctrine of “qui tam,” a whistleblower is entitled to receive a portion of the penalty the government imposes on a corporation for the relevant conduct. Also, it is illegal for a corporation to retaliate against a whistleblowing employee by harassment, pay cuts, or termination. If you have evidence of corruption against the government or fraud at a private company, the attorneys of Boles Holmes White LLC will investigate your claim and protect your rights.

Whistleblower statutes come into play in a variety of ways. A congressional aide may have come to learn of bribery or embezzlement by a congressman, and wishes to see the activity stop but is afraid to speak out. Under the whistleblower statutes, the aide may come forward with impunity and possibly receive a portion of any fines ultimately imposed on the corrupt lawmaker.

Perhaps an accounting professional has learned that the corporation he works for has been fraudulently submitting bills to government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. By assisting the prosecution of such offenses, the employee may recover a portion of the corporate fines that are handed down, and need not fear reprisal by the corporation.

The lawyers at Boles Holmes White LLC understand the sensitive nature of these claims, and will work with you to protect your rights and advise you of what steps to take along the way. Thousands of qui tam lawsuits have been filed since the whistleblower statutes were adopted, and you can recover significant sums of money by reporting corrupt or fraudulent conduct occurring at your organization. If you are seeking redress for wrongful termination or employment discrimination, or if you are suspicious about unusual billing practices at your company, contact the attorneys of Boles Holmes White LLC today for a free consultation.

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