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Montgomery Fugitive Captured in Norfolk by US Marshals. United States Marshals for the Eastern District of Virginia announced on Thursday that they had captured an Alabama fugitive that had been eluding capture for the last 23 years.  Jeffrey Martin, now 52, was charged with first-degree robbery in 1990 and arrested.  However, after posting bond, Martin stopped coming to court and disappeared.  He had been wanted in Montgomery County for the last two decades. For instance, on a criminal charge of failure to appear on charges of first-degree robbery.  Deputy United States Marshall Timothy Alley said that Martin was able to elude capture by constantly moving around the country.

Martin was profiled last month on Central Alabama Crime Stoppers.  The piece produced numerous tips which helped to lead investigators to Norfolk.  Jeffrey Martin was arrested on Thursday with assistance from the United States Marshal Service’s Gulf Coast Regional Task force.

Montgomery Fugitive Captured in Norfolk by US Marshals Conclusion: He is currently being held in Norfolk while he waits to be extradited back to Montgomery.

“The arrest of Jeffrey Martin is a great example of federal, state, and local law enforcement working together,” Arthur D. Baylor, United States Marshal for the Middle District of Alabama, stated. “It does not matter how far or how long you run from law enforcement. The United States Marshals Service will continue to work with our partners in tracking down and apprehending federal and state fugitives.”