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The Digital Afterlife. Do you know all of the logins and passwords of your spouse’s accounts? Turns out most of Americans do not. The trend now a day’s is to have a secure financial presence on paper and in the digital world. While having important documents solely on your computer may seem like a good idea, unless the location and passwords are discussed with your spouse all your plans could never be discovered!

However, there are several options to allow loved ones to gain access to all financial accounts, emails, and files:

1) Create a list (preferably on paper) of all account logins and passwords.

While the usernames and passwords may change at least something is written down and there is a history of accounts and files for dependents. The list can be saved in a journal, with a will, or given to someone trustworthy.

2) Upload information to a secure system.  

Now systems exist that allow clients to upload all personal information and files to a server and once the person has deceased a spouse or dependent is able to access the information.

3) Put all important information on a secure hard drive

Therefore, the drive can be locked in a safe, stored in a desk, or placed in a safety deposit box. Whatever you find best.

Overall make sure a spouse or dependent is aware of your digital presence. All your planning could never be found if passwords and logins aren’t known. Create a plan and find some method that works for you to organize your digital presence!

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