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Former Miss USA winner tried for DUI. Rimah Fakih, the 26-year-old former Miss USA, went to trial on Wednesday for DUI, striking a plea deal that reduced the charge to a misdemeanor—driving while visibly impaired. The trial took place in the 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan.

According to police, Fakih was speeding and driving erratically in traffic. Police also found an open container in her vehicle, a half-empty bottle of champagne.

Fakih believes that authorities have been unusually severe in dealing with her case owing to her status as a celebrity, telling RumorFix that a prison term would be unfair. Fakih may be sentenced to up to 93 days behind bars. Prior to the trial, Fakih expressed her hope that the judge would not “make an example” of her case.

It is important to note that Fakih has already suffered financial losses as a result of her arrest. The E! cable channel has terminated a deal to produce a reality television show featuring Fakih, who won the Miss USA pageant in 2010. Fakih also said that Nike has withdrawn an offer to produce a commercial.

The full report from RumorFix can be found here and here.

The case highlights some of the additional consequences of a DUI arrest, to wit, loss of reputation, as well as business opportunities. A DUI conviction can only exacerbate these problems. No matter how difficult your case may appear, one of our dedicated, experienced DUI attorneys can help you protect your interests.

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