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Marijuana Induced DUI. In November 2012, the State of Washington legalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.  One of the big arguments made by opponents of Initiative 502 was the legalization of marijuana would cause an increase in the number of DUI arrests.  Since the passage of Initiative 502, the opposite has actually occurred.

From December 6, 2012 till January 6, 2013 there was actually a decrease of about 30 DUI arrests from that same time frame the prior year.   Washington has set their legal driving limit at 5 nano grams per millimeter of blood.

Colorado has also been trying to set a legal limit for marijuana induced DUI.  Colorado also wishes to set their drugged driving limit at 5 nano grams per millimeter of blood.  There have been three prior attempts by Colorado lawmakers to pass such a law.  Each attempt has been unsuccessful up to this point.

It would be interesting to see if there is a similar decrease in DUI arrests if 5 nano grams per millimeter of blood were the cutoff in Colorado.  While Alabama currently does not legalize possession of marijuana, the passage of a per se marijuana state is something the citizens of Jefferson County, Alabama may one day face.

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