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Mobile Man Accused of Vehicular Homicide. Alexander Graf, of Mobile, was arrested for vehicular homicide and his second DUI charge late on Saturday, April 27th.  The 28-year old was arrested after police say he hit a bike rider while intoxicated.  He was booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail early on Sunday morning.

The Mobile Police Department was called to the intersection of St. Francis and North Bayou streets around 11:45 p.m. where a bicyclist had reportedly been hit by a car.  Upon arrival, they found a man unconscious in the middle of the road.  That man, who was later pronounced dead at the scene, was 59-year-old Edward Lindsey Mack.  According to the public information office for the Mobile Police Department, investigators believe Mack was riding his bike near Springhill Avenue and St. Francis Street when he was bit by a car driven by Graf.  A witness at the scene said that Alexander Graf did call police and also walked to a nearby fire station for help.

Records show that Alexander Graf had been in jail before on alcohol related charges at the age of 20 when he was charged with possessing alcohol as a minor and public intoxication.  He faced a second public intoxication charge in 2005 and was also arrested in 2006 on one count of driving under the influence.  He currently remains in Mobile County Metro Jail.

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