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Yeah! Usher Emerges Victorious From Custody Battle. The Pop Star’s Divorce Lawyer Took It Nice & Slow. Therefore, Usher, a highly successful pop icon who has been the subject of recent headlines involving a custody dispute with his ex-wife. Tameka Foster, got a ruling Friday that will enable him to retain custody of his child, Usher V. The child was hospitalized earlier in the week after a pool accident in which he got his arm stuck in an underwater drain. Tameka petitioned the court to change their custody agreement, and an “emergency” hearing was held in an Atlanta courtroom.

          The events that unfolded in the courtroom Friday were nothing short of dramatic. Lasting nearly two hours, evidence heard by the judge included Tameka’s own testimony. As well as a tape of the 911 call that was placed immediately after the pool accident. At one point, Tameka broke down on the stand, and lamented that she knows very little about the whereabouts or activities of her children. Furthermore, adding that she doesn’t “know the phone number to the house where they are.” Tameka also accused Usher’s aunt, Rena Oden, of not having “any control over the kids.”

           Usher’s divorce attorney, John Mayoue, represented to the court that the children are “thriving.” After that, said that Usher V was expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday. Ultimately, the judge dismissed Tameka’s petition to change their custody agreement. This means that Usher can retain custody of Usher V and his brother, Naviyd. Usher V and Naviyd are age 5 and 4, respectively.

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